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Prolite For Sale

Roulottes Prolite, first and foremost is the story of a young boy, Martin James, who in the 80's accompanied his father, a recreational vehicle representative. It is when he arrives at dealership parking lots that he remembers his eyes lighting up." One day, I will have a big garage." The young man grows older and he occupies all possible positions in the RV industry. From recreational vehicle washer to sales manager.
One day, when he is drawn to sales, he sees a man climb out of his Honda Civic and is asked by him : " Do you have a trailer that I can tow with my vehicle? " The answer was no!!! An idea slowly began to emerge in his mind. " I will create an ultra-light trailer that can be towed by small vehicles.  And, In the spring of 2000, he went about the task, like Henry Ford, he builds his first trailer from scratch. It occupied all of the space in the residential garage to the extent that he even had to slide it outside before lifting it to install the wheels.
He then heads to a dealer with his very first trailer, the " Polaira ". He offers a presentation of his product to the personnel. The owner of the dealership admits to his skepticism before seeing the first unit. However, at first glance, he observes the quality of the product and states that Martin James should leave the " Polaira " in the yard. Martin would leave with a first order of several units.
Leaving the family garage, Martin moves his production to a small workshop which also becomes too cramped after only one year. Step by step, Prolite makes it's mark and regularly produces two units per week. In 2007, he leaves the city of St-Eustache to rent a 20,000 square-foot commercial building in St-Jérôme. In 2013, he once again faces reality , he must expand the factory only this time, he does not want rented premises, but his own modern factory! " A big garage! ", His dream becomes reality, becoming the proud owner of a 45,000 square-foot factory.
The Prolite family, as Martin likes to say, is expanding. From 2-3 employees in it's beginnings to more than 85 employees. The Prolite owner's went from some tens of units per year to more than 600 units sold every year. His journey will not lack obstacles but this young man is a dreamer turned visionary entrepreneur, determined, positive but most of all convinced of the needs of his customers. He continues to evolve, acquire knowledge and innovate. Attentive to everyone, he develops and refines his expertise over the years.

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